Art de vivre

in Loire Valley

land of flavors Between wines, mushrooms and cheeses

The Loire valley is a land of terroir ! Follow the gustatory paths of this wine region to delight your taste buds with tradition and authenticity. The vineyards benefit from a soil allowing the vinification of red, rosé and white wines. You will taste wines characterized by their freshness, vivacity and finesse with fruity and floral aromas. To juggle between delicious sips and authentic bites, discover the many wine of the region.

The Selles-sur-Cher, historical goat cheese of the Loire valley

Delighted its inhabitants since the end of the 19th century. 

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The Mushroom Cellars and the underground city in Bourré village (mushrooms and tradition) at 5 mn : Discover the fascinating world of mushroom cultivation (button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, Shiitake...) 50 m underground. Guided tour only (at fixed hours and according to the period). Also : tasting, visit with the quarry and the underground city.

Troglo dégusto

The purpose of a Troglo Degusto visit ? To open your eyes to the titanic work carried out by thousands of workers over centuries to extract the Tuffeau stone. You will learn the history of these kilometers of underground galleries through anecdotes and Stéphane's good sens of humor, and finally taste good wines accompanied by local products. Stéphane is passionate about the place, which he runs with a master's hand in collaboration with his sister-in-law Anne, who is in charge of the vineyard. Stéphane, nicknamed "the caveman", is the kind of person who doesn't give you a recited guided tour. You feel his passion.

La Distillerie Girardot

The Girardot Distillery has been making creams, liqueurs and brandies, including strawberry, from father to son since 1900. Guided tour of the troglodytic site (with explanations on the manufacture of the products) followed by a tasting. Distillery Girardot, 41400 CHISSAY-EN-TOURAINE

Domaine de Sauvète : Produce authentic wines from organic farming

A demanding know-how that preserves life, lets the soil express itself, respects the grapes and gives a personality to each wine. 

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Use this space to focus on the thing which make you great.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Use this space to focus on the thing which make you great.